Meet our characters:

Carrie - just like her less famous namesake ;-) Carrie Bradshaw in 'Sex and the City', she's a fun girl who loves fashion, loves to party and to socialise.  With a quirky way of dressing; Carrie is just as happy in vintage as in the most current of styles and loves shoes.  Warm, sincere, generous she's all about friendship; meeting her gal pals for coffee, a quick cosmopolitan, or a night on the town.


Then there's the delightfully decadent and outrageously irreverent 'Gorgeous Ladies' . These luscious lovelies are wicked, notoriously naughty dames; sassy and brash politically incorrect women!  Not for the shy or faint-hearted, but definitely for those who love a good laugh and like to tell it as it is. 


The Doodle Girls  have plenty of 'joie de vivre' - whether walking the dog, going shopping or having a bath - they live their life to the max, enjoying each and every day as it comes along.  Young, fresh, vibrant and sweet. 




Check out our charming illustrations in the Maternity Collection and celebrate your pregnancy, organise a baby shower, announce the arrival of your brand new baby or



Send fabulous childrens' party invites and thank you cards.  Inspire your child's creativity - off of the computer - with a Big Note - perfect for drawing or jotting down their stories.




There's also a terrific selection for the Men in your life; or view the Characters Collection, and choose cute characters that perfectly match your family members.

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Get a laugh from the hilarious Horoscope Collection - your star sign reflected as a handbag, featuring your individual zodiac personality traits.  Visit the Women's Collection if you love shoes, chocolate, wine, shoes, handbags, shopping, cats, dogs, shoes, gardening, and oh... did I mention shoes???  

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