How will I know exactly what my items will look like?

All of Note Couture's items are custom designed, so every individual name will look different. That's the fabulous part of getting something custom designed - it's made just for you. You should also be prepared for a variance in color between what you see on the screen and what your items will look like.  Printed colors might look much lighter or darker than on the screen. I do my best to make your order look as close to the color on the website as possible, but you must accept that there are no guarantees as to exact shades of color. If you would like a proof emailed to you prior to printing please tick the 'I want to see a proof' box on the appropriate page, and a proof will be emailed to you within 12 hours (unless you order on the weekend)  

How long does it take to get my order?

Our production time is now faster than ever! Most orders will ship in around 7-8 days, but if you have a rush order or special request - just ask. Email me in advance to see if I accommodate your request. In most cases I can. When your order is shipped, you will receive an email notification. Within Australia I use Australia Post Express satchels, delivery is the following day if you live in Melbourne, Sydney Adelaide or Brisbane, 2 (business) days if you're in Perth, SA or Tas and approx 3 days if you are in a regional  or remote area.  In the rare instance that your parcel does not arrive, email me and we can track via Australia Post.
How much does shipping cost within Australia?
Cost of shipping will depend upon the weight of your article(s).  If your order weighs under 500grams (generally 1-3 articles, depending on what format they are), cost will be $10.55.  If your order weighs over 500grams, and under 2kg, cost will be $14.80.  If you would like to know shipping costs prior to placing your order, please email me at kim@notecouture.com.au and advise what you are planning to buy, and I can calculate the total weight and confirm postage costs.

Do you ship overseas?

We ship worldwide via Australia Post. When you place your order, and fill in your country for delivery, the website will automatically calculate postage costs.  Please allow plenty of time for shipping - I will advise an anticipated arrival date when I email you to advise of your order's despatch, but be aware that your country's customs or delivery service may hold up your order's arrival.

Do I have to personalise with my name?

Absolutely not! Consider themes like "A note from Sue", "Thank you", "A message from Marie" or "Hi from Tara". Be creative and have fun.

Can I return or exchange my stationery?

All of our personalised stationery is custom designed and printed just for you so we do not accept returns. If you are unsure as to how your item will look, please tick the 'Proof' box and a proof will be emailed to you within 24 hours.  Naturally, if there is a typographical error on our part, I will gladly reprint your stationery so that it correctly reflects your order.

Can I get a different font or change the case?

The font and case pictured are part of the item design, so regardless how you type in your name, it will appear in the font and case pictured.   To see what each typeface looks like there is a 'Click to view typestyle' link on each format page where you can view the Aa-Zz and 1-9 characters for the relevant typeface.  However, if you would like an alternative font, please contact me (kim@notecouture.com.au) and advise the name of the typestyle you would like (all fonts can be viewed via the 'Typestyles' link at the base of each page).

What if I am not sure if I will like my item?

If you have any questions please email or call me (Email: kim@notecouture.com.au, or Mobile: 0421 664 114). If you would like to view a proof first, tick the 'Proof' box on the format page and I will email you a low resolution image of what your order will look like. This is important, as I want you to be happy with your item and I do not accept returns.
What is Custom Print?
If you have an illustration, logo or graphic you would like printed in one of our formats, then go to 'Custom Print'.  Choose the format you would like,  and type in whatever message or personalisation you would like, then email me a jpg of your logo or graphic etc (sorry - no photos). Please note that very low resolution files copied from the internet are NOT suitable.  If you have a particular position you would like your illustration, logo or graphic, please advise.  Also advise what typestyle you would like (view all typestyles available via this link:  http://www.notecouture.com.au/fonts.php   I will  provide you with a free proof showing what your item will look like, for approval prior to printing.