We use a selection of artists for the illustrations on the Note Couture website, however the majority are done by the following artists who have supplied a brief biography on themselves ...
Felicia Hannan
I am a Melbourne mother of three - two boys and a girl - and I have a background as an Art Director in the advertising industry.  To keep myself a little bit sane, in my 'spare' time (???!!) I draw the Carrie and Gorgeous Ladies illustrations.  I think of them as the angel and the devil who sit on my shoulders - Carrie being the angel, and the Gorgeous Ladies being the devil.
I love vintage fashion, shopping, eating chocolate, drinking white wine, The Mentalist and Law & Order series, non-politicaly correct comments, and spending weekends with my family, which also includes 2 dogs and 3 cats.
I hate cold feet, other people's bad breath and 40 degree summer days when the air conditioning doesn't work!
Matt Strempel
I am a graphic designer working between offices in Melbourne and Sydney, with a love for most creative pursuits including illustration, photography and copywriting, hoping one day to maybe even write a novel.  Living in Melbourne, but returning more and more frequently to Sydney allows me the enviable luxury of experiencing the perfect blend of Melbourne's endless cultural and gastronomic delights with the unmatchable weather and outdoor activities (read:  beers) of Sydney's coastline.
Loving nothing more than the company of friends and family, it is no surprise the unconditional love of our four legged friends is also a large part of my weekend indulgence.
Kathryn Fletcher
Ignoring years of training in psychology and then graphic design, I spend my days writing children's books.  I very much enjoy drawing illustrations for Note Couture, and love going to the gym, eating chips in the shower, and imagining what it would be like to live on the island of Capri.
Boglarka Mucsi
I am a student at Budapest Business School doing my degree in finance and accountancy.  As an essential means of self-expression I draw, and some of these characters have become the collection named 'The Doodle Girls' who are young femals in all types of different situations.  They are all cheerful and full of 'joie de vivre' whether they are walking the dog, going shopping, having a coffee, in the bath or just simply living their lives.
My name translates into 'Daisy' in English and I love high heel shoes, chocolate, animals (my family has 5 cats), babies, cooking, having bare feet, eating cake for breakfast on the day after my birthday, napping with a cat or two by my side, building snowmen (and women), making half-prepared chicken legs dance the can-can, and being told funny stories by old ladies who I have just met at the bus stop.
I dislike extreme vocalisation, burning my tongue while cooking, and anti-snailing before lawn mowing!
Amy Shaw
I am a graphic designer and have been freelance designing since 2006.  My design style is a mixture of fun, quirky, simplistic, modern, abstract, and above all expressive!  I love to paint and draw and then mix it all up to create something original and fresh.
I love stationery, shoes, handbags, clothes (so I guess it's no surprise I became a designer) and a mixture between modern and vintage.
After studying and working for 5 years in Advertising and Graphic Design I decided to go out on my own and began working for clients designing everything and anything you can think of, and have loved doing it ever since!
Shell Sherree
I'm a homebody at heart, but my inks and water colours take whimsical armchair travels around the world, especially Paris and Venice.  Animals melt me, and often a kitty or puppy dog tucks itself into my illustrations.  I live in Brisbane, Australia, in a rather magical timber house surrounded by trees and birdsong.  When not tending to the needs of my scrumptious black British Shorthair, I adore catching up with family and friends over good coffee and the not-so-occasional pastry.  Firing up the machine for my morning latte is one of my favourite customs.  You can find out more about me at my blog:  www.shellsherree.com and order freshly baked prints at my Etsy store:  www.ShellSherree.etsy.com.  I'm delighted to have my creations included here at Note Couture.

Angie Réhe

I come from a fine art background, studied fashion at RMIT in the late 80s and originally worked as a fashion designer.  Recently I decided to turn to my real passion – fashion illustration.  My work can be seen in books, on magazines covers, in newspaper advertisements, on fashion websites and now, at Note Couture. 

In 2009 I created the Patsyfox illustrated blog (www.patsyfox.com), and shortly after launched The Drawing Salon – boutique style fashion illustration classes (www.thedrawingsalon.com).   This was then followed by Bridal Sketches (www.bridalsketches.com), where I produce “Fashion Illustration portraits” and expressive design sketches of the bride in her fabulous dress.   I also lecture in design and Fashion Illustration at RMIT University.

In my spare time, I enjoy a glass of red wine, a cuddle with one of my cats, and a good long sleep in.

Wm Kyle Davis

I am an artist, designer and educator living in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA.  I live with my lovely wife Aimee and our sweet American Bully Dog, Bailey.  Because of my background in architectural illustration and interiors, my work has a bit of technical aesthetic. When I am drawing and illustrating I often imagine that I am actually building the pieces that you are looking at.  One of the things that I enjoy most about creating my fashion illustrations is that they are quick to create and can be packed with visual ideas and technical interest right as the ideas come to me.  These objects can stand on their own and become almost real. I get many requests to make my shoes and handbags a reality and whenever the opportunity is available I most certainly will.

I enjoy spending time with my wife; she is my soul mate (and a fabulous cook).  I like working in the garden, drawing and making art, smoking cigars and enjoying assorted libations.