Meet our Characters
Choose from hundreds of uniquely designed products.  Each item has been designed exclusively by Note Couture, and I make each item for you, based on your specific order, in my Melbourne office.
Unique designs - hand assembled - personalised - what more could you ask for.
The illustrations are available across our product range - notepads, to do lists, mini notepads, big notes, correspodence cards (standard and deluxe), fill in or fully personalised invitations (standard and deluxe), spiral bound notebooks (A4 or A5), recipe cards, notecards, calling cards, mousemat notepads, note sheets, calendars (A4 or Mini CD) address labels and book labels.  And you can mix and match.
To help you decide which designs are for you, or for gifts for friends and family, you may like to know a bit more about some of our characters.
Meet - Carrie:  Just like her less famous namesake ;-) Carrie Bradshaw in 'Sex and the City', Carrie is a fun girl who loves fashion, loves to party and to socialise.  She has a quirky way of dressing -as happy in vintage as in the most current of styles and she loves shoes.  She is warm, sincere, generous - and all about friendship; meeting her gal pals for coffee, a quick cosmopolitan , or heading out for a night on the town.  Carrie also knows she needs to take time out - time for herself, just to sit and read a magazine, enjoy a cup of coffee, head to the gym or have a relaxing glass of wine, and she treasures time with family.   It can be tough to fit in everything she enjoys - but she would rather be flat-out than to miss a minute that life has to offer.
Here are some samples of Carrie on some notecards:

Carrie catch up time- Notecard Carrie loves to party - Notecard

Meet - The Gorgeous Ladies:  It's not hard to describe these 'broads' - they've been called a wide variety of names over the years:  The luscious lovelies; the wicked, irreverent, notoriously naughty and decadent dames;  the sassy and brash politically incorrect women!  What we love about these dames is they'll say all the things we often think but aren't quite brave enough to say out loud.  Not for the shy or faint-hearted, but definitely for those who love a good laugh and like to tell it as it is.
Check out our Gorgeous Ladies on our personalised mousemat notepad and correspondence cards:

A new trend in the office - Mousemat Notepad I want to be Barbie - Correspondence Card

Meet - The Doodle Girls:  These girls are cheerful and full of 'joie de vivre' - whether walking the dog, going shopping or having a bath - they live their life to the full, enjoy each day as it comes along and love everything about life.  Young, fresh, vibrant and sweet.  Our Georgeous Ladies may think they are a bit tizzy - but that would be because they're jealous of their youthful demeanors.  Where-ever you see the Doodle Girls you see casual, individual design and fresh bright colours.
The Doodle Girls are getting organised with their own To Do List and Notepad:

DG - off to Uni DG - Agnes essential morning cuppa