Reward Points | Terms and Conditions

Reward Points | Terms and Conditions

Note Couture appreciates its customers' loyalty, and as such, provides a system of Rewards Points which can be redeemed against future orders. Note Couture will provide the customer loyalty program on these terms and conditions, which apply to all customer transactions.

The basics

  • Customers can redeem points on purchases as described in these terms and conditions.
  • Customers will receive one point for every dollar spent (excluding shipping costs and purchases made using a promotional code or gift voucher), eg: $50 = 50 reward points.
  • For each 10 points earned, customers will receive $1 off eligible purchases, eg: 50 points = $5 off.
  • Customers must have a minimum of 200 points before they can redeem their reward points.
  • Customers will be able to pay for purchases (including shipping costs) with redeemed points or a mixture of cash and redeemed points.


Getting started

  • To be eligible to earn points, customers must create a user name and password and tick 'I agree' to confirm that they agree with these terms and conditions. Existing customers who already have an account need only tick 'I agree' to accept these terms and conditions.
  • Points will not be awarded for purchases made prior to customers agreeing to these terms and conditions.


Gaining and using points

  • Customers must login when placing their orders to accumulate and redeem their points.
  • If a customer is not logged in when purchasing: (a) points cannot be used for the purchase; and (b) points will not be allocated to the purchase – even if the customer has a user name and password already set up. Note Couture will not allocate points retrospectively.


Tracking your progress

  • Customers will be able to see per transaction where they have accrued or spent their points (and this information will also be noted on the order confirmation email).
  • Note Couture may change the rewards points structure at any time but will provide a minimum of 30 days notice posted on this website that this will occur.
  • Points will not expire while the business continues to operate. Customers will be given reasonable notice if the business ceases to operate.



  • Customers registered with the customer loyalty program agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  • Note Couture may make offers within the customer loyalty program that are subject to additional conditions and those conditions will form part of terms and conditions and will prevail to the extent of any inconsistency.
  • These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of New South Wales.